Getting Your Business Off The Ground

You are passionate about your business; it’s a way for you to keep working in a field you enjoy and find interesting. Unfortunately, passion is not everything. There is a lot of hard work, determination, and trial and error which has to go into this, if it is to work.

The secret ingredient

Something you have loved since you were a child, is cars. As a result, you know cars inside out. It seems to be a no-brainer for you to start a business in car detailing Sydney. You are enthusiastic and hardworking, so what secret ingredient would you need? Innovation. This is not the easiest service to sell, and there can also be a lot of up-market type competition you will have to face. This means that it is essential, and of the utmost importance that you have an innovative take on your sales pitch, your business plan, and your general approach to running the business. The secret ingredient is vital and cannot be missed out on. You will need to think out of the box from the start if you are to succeed in this field.

Think of the market

It’s best that you plan extensively before setting up your business. As a potential businesswoman, you should take a good look at your target market, what is the demographic like? What is the age distribution, how is it divided by gender, and in what income category does the majority of the group fall? All this will help you create a business plan and pricing which will be attractive, competitive as well as profitable to you. Think of ways to advertise on social media, how can you make your business seem like the best choice? Post feedback from customers, some behind the scenes shots, and project a friendly, but professional image with your business. Of course, all your advertising and promotion should be streamlined to suit your demographic; grandfathers may not be reached via an active Instagram account!

Cater to the people

One common factor you may find is that most people have limited free time, one way you can capitalize on this is by providing a mobile car detailing Gosford service. You can market it well, drawing attention to the amount of time the client will save if the work is done in their garage. Mention the time it takes to get anywhere when traffic is at it’s peak, and the opportunity costs of leisure time, and time with their family which the client will have to face. This works in favour of the client, and also means that you can increase your prices to suit the specialized nature of the service. A win-win all around!

The Ins And Outs Of Small Businesses

Small and medium scale businesses are the unsung heroes of most economies. They often form economic backbones in both developed and developing countries, providing much needed employment, as well as essential services most of us could not manage without.

Getting down and dirty

One reason small businesses are overlooked is because of their informality. Taking the example of a repair shop, Volvo truck repairs and good smash repairs can be done at a large, multinational company, or it can be done at a smaller shop in your locality. Small businesses like these are overlooked because they may be family businesses, where instead of formally employing workers, family members are the main employees. This often allows for greater flexibility in working hours and can mean that family members can work while studying, or maybe even have a second job. The advantages are numerous, as additional costs of overtime and providing pension/retirement schemes are not included. This allows small businesses to contribute more to the family income, albeit at a social cost. 

Female labour force participation

Small businesses are a main entry point into the work force for many women. The informality has its pros and cons. The pros are that a disposable income increases female empowerment and creates agency, and it is also a way for women to balance duties of care with employment. These are benefits which cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, there are significant disadvantages. Informality means that there is little to no job security, and women are less likely to progress up the employment ladder than men in small businesses are.

Community benefit

While it would be unusual to see a small business advertising for something like kenworth truck repairs Brisbane a general repair shop, run by a local mechanic would often be the only affordable option for many people. In addition, small businesses help the community by providing local jobs, and developing skills and employability in small towns and villages that may easily be overlooked by large corporates. Even though they are a life line for many, a lot of small businesses struggle to make ends meet. Informality comes with its negatives and can often mean that they are overlooked when it comes to overall economic policy, loan schemes and other forms of business incentives and assistance.

Recognition is key

Given their immense, and invaluable contribution to the economy, and the role they play in creating local employment it is time they were recognized and adequately assistance. At this point, assistance would not be a case of altruism, but instead would be a step towards the survival of the economy as a whole.