Old Car, Look New

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Our car is our baby. No matter how old and battered it gets, for most young people, it is a big part of their life. From having taken them to places they never dreamed was possible, to sharing special moments in life, the car is a very significant part of their life. However, as time passes, it too grows old and it is time for a new car. This is where the problems arise, most young people do not have the money to afford a new car even if they are willing to let go of their first. However, they can’t exactly use the same old battered car and this is where the pimping comes into play. As you would have seen in the popular TV show ‘pimp my ride’, most vehicles can be refurbished into looking and functioning as brand new. Here are a few key elements you need to look in on when making your car look brand new.

The lights

These are some of the first things to become discolored and foggy. Headlight restoration Hawthorn is not a hard thing to do and is relatively the cheapest addition you can do on your car.

Most garages have a headlight restorer and will get the job done for you without blasting a hole through your purse. In most cases you won’t even have to replace it, rather a thorough cleanup will bring back your headlights to its sparkling glory. 

The seats and a paint job.

This is another cheap addition to making your car looking completely new. A seat cover change with a new paint job will give you a whole different vehicle to the one you brought in. The paint job maybe a little expensive, but once it is done, it will last quite a few years before you need to redo it again so the investment is worth its while. If you do not want to replace the seats entirely, you can always simply put on new car seat covers which are far cheaper than replacing the full seat, but still end up with the new look. Cushions may be added as padding to make the battered old seats more comfortable.

The wheels

The tire itself needs changing every few years and if you have the extra cash, why not get a new set of alloy wheels to go with it? While the branded ones are rather expensive, there are other equally good wheels without the brand which can be bought at a much cheaper price. The above few additions will leave your car looking completely new with little change to your savings.