Sail In Style

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Living in a boat is a whole different experience to living on land. There are some who are forced to live at sea due to the jobs they do, while there are others who choose to live at sea simply because they love it. Whichever the case maybe, if you live on a boat you would realize that a lot goes into managing and maintain a boat. Especially due to the salt water and the constant battle with the natural environment, boats undergo a significant amount of wear and tear. Here are a few tips which might be helpful in cleaning out and making your boat look brand new again and help you sail away in style.

Cleaning out the Outside

Especially due to the salt spray and the constant contact with water, the outer layer of any boat gets quickly damaged. Clean out the algae and stains off the fiberglass and brush off the rust from the steel. Polishing and putting on a coat of paint will make the boat look as new again. However, before applying the fresh coat of paint, clean out the old with a wire brush or a high pressure water gun and also, get rid of the old adhesives and sealants which are now leaking into the boat. Patching up is not an option when you are at sea and being rocked to and fro on the dangerous waves. Rather, when you are cleaning out, clean it out properly and tackle the problem at the root so as to reduce further damage. Especially the areas which are rusting and giving way on the boat, either clean it out well or apply a fresh coat of marine paints or replace the items altogether.

Cleaning out the Inside

A shiny new outside is not enough for living in a boat. A boat is usually made up of little niche compartments which need to be cleaned out and rummaged through constantly. It is easy to collect mildew and other algae which grow in damp dark areas, thus these cupboards need constant cleaning out. Along with the cleaning out, purchase a few small items to pimp the ride, maybe hire boat stereo system to help have better music on your fishing boat and make it feel like a yacht.

These are as simple as car stereo installations with an outstanding materials so is nothing too expensive or difficult to worry about. Looking for a high standard installation service you can see this page for more ideas.

If you have the extra cash, install a new TV screen and purchase a few DVDs to keep you and your men company while at sea. A few cold beers and some snacks will not go unappreciated in those conditions and thus, installing a small fridge in the common areas of the boat will help boost morale of the sailors.